Pending tasks


Last Update 2 years ago

Current tasks, accessible from the home screen, ensure that you can track your documents that require action or follow-up at any time. They gather all of your unprocessed documents, all your current reminders and also allow you to add personal tasks that are not linked to a document.

The types of pending tasks available are as follows:

  • To be processed: All your documents added on Addmin but not processed
  • Recalls: All recalls and expiry dates set at the time of treatment
  • To be filed: All your documents processed but not filed
  • Personal tasks: Manually set personal tasks not related to a document

Mark an action

By swiping the card to the right, you mark a positive action :

  • Mark a reminder as followed-up and complete

Go to the filing page of a document by clicking on the card

By swiping the card to the left, you mark a negative action :

  • Process the document later
  • Manage the reminder later
  • File later

🔔 Note: Personal tasks are tasks that you can add manually, not linked to a document, such as "Go to the residents' control" or "Order an extract from the criminal record".

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