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Your Addmin email address is a personal email address that you can use to redirect your communications, specifically attachments, directly into Addmin or use it with your providers to send documents directly into Addmin. This address is not an email service and therefore does not allow you to send emails from Addmin. In short, it is the equivalent of your mailbox, in digital format.
  • Access your personal email address in the Account section
  • You can copy this address in the Addmin application

When you redirect an email to your home address, the corresponding document - including the attachment - is found in your pending tasks, in the documents to be processed and your recent documents.

When and where to use your Addmin address?

Here are the situations for which we advise you to use your Addmin email address:

  • Redirect PDF attachments of your e-mails in Addmin
  • Provide this address to anyone who sends you a PDF document by e-mail
  • Add this e-mail address as a reference to your suppliers

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