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It's tedious and often difficult to keep up with your folders. That's why with Addmin, we offer you a guide to follow so that you never create irrelevant folders again. And above all, create folders that are relevant to you. In every way.

You can customise your folders by clicking on "Set up my Addmin" or in your account section "My Addmin". In order to best configure your folders, you can specify :


  • Telephone & internet: Select your internet, telephone and even television providers, in order to better classify this type of documents automatically.
  • Banks : Associate your bank account types to our list of providers to better associate the corresponding documents.
  • Insurances: Associate your insurance types with our list of providers to organize your insurance documents in the best possible way.
  • Work & Activities: Create folders for your schools and companies you are or have been active with.
  • Your addresses: Define your main address as well as all secondary addresses to which you wish to associate documents (e.g. mountain chalet, secondary flat, etc.) You can associate an address with a specific country, region, city or street address.
  • Countries: Knowing in which country you handle paperwork allows us to suggest you relevant folders from the suppliers of these countries.


  • Mobility & Transportation: You can add your vehicles for which you have licenses, contracts, insurance, etc.
  • Child·ren: So you can keep track of your child/children's paperwork. We advise you to use their first name or nickname. The creation of a folder for your child automatically creates a contact person with whom you can share documents so that, when the time comes, you can transfer their documents by creating a personal account for them.
  • Pet·s: Create a folder in the name of your best friend to associate all his documents.

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