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Thank you for choosing Addmin! The confidentiality of your data is one of the pillars on which our solution is based. This manifesto presents our privacy policy in a synthetic and simplified manner so that you can understand the main elements we put in place to guarantee the confidentiality of your personal data.

The data we have about you

By default, Addmin only accesses the following information: your first name and email address as well as the information related to the personalisation of your folders. Addmin does not access your documents or the information you associate with them. Whether during creation, processing or classification.

Privacy by Design

Addmin manages unique databases for each user. Instead of having "a common archive room for all users", Addmin manages "unique archive rooms for each user". In that regard, we never access your "room" without your prior consent.

Creating, modifying and deleting your data

Addmin allows for a personalised audit of your activity and lets you create, track and delete your data at any time, without any tedious process or additional validation from us.

Access of your data

In some cases, Addmin may need to access some of your personal data for specific services. The principle of consent is involved in the following cases: 

Who accesses your data 

For each of the services below, no human is accessing your data and no data is stored indefinitely after the process. Whether on the side of Addmin or one of its partners.

Notification of reminders: In order for Addmin to automatically notify you of your due dates, Addmin extracts the corresponding date from the document. In this context, no "human" person has access to your data. The notifications are entrusted to our subcontractor "Firebase", an online service with which Addmin has established a confidentiality agreement. You can activate and deactivate this service at any time.

Automated classification: In order to be able to suggest classification, we must also momentarily share your document with our partner BLP-Digital who extracts the information from the document. After a maximum delay of 2 weeks, the document is then deleted. Your data is never used by BLP-Digital for any other purpose than the recognition of information for the Addmin classification. 

Sharing a document via link or email: When you decide to share a document outside the Addmin application, by email or copy of a sharing link, a link accessible by anyone who has the link is created. You can ensure 100% confidential access by inviting your contacts to create an Addmin account.

Receiving a document via the Addmin email address: When you transfer a PDF attachment to your Addmin email, we use our partner Mailgun to ensure the correct transmission of this document. Mailgun deletes all data within 7 days after processing and does not process the document other than for the above-mentioned purpose.

This manifesto does not replace our privacy policy. It is intended to simplify the understanding of key privacy elements. If you would like to know more about our privacy policy, please refer to this document or send us your comments to: [email protected].

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